SUP with New and Old Friends at Jamestown Beach, VA

Met friend-of-a-friend Dana who had a new SUP and wanted to practice, as well as my kayaking friend Dawn who had never tried SUP. Dana, her son, and brave dog enjoyed sharing their iSUP while I coached Dawn. So proud of her for taking a dunk, but getting back on the board and standing up on her first outing!

Kayaking Gordon’s Creek, Williamsburg, VA

The Virginia Paddlers Meetup group were “dressed for the dunk” on 52 degree water, wearing dry suits and neoprenes. We were worried that we’d be too warm in the spring sunshine, but it was very pleasant in the slight breeze on the water. The osprey nests were very active. Lots of people were fishing from the pier.

The renovated shoreline at Chickahominy Riverfront Park is coming along nicely, with the new tent camp sites due to open late spring or early summer. The county has created three sandy beach areas between the riprap, which should be nice for putting in paddle craft, but I’m not aware of their plans to put in walk ways from the sites and the slope is fairly steep. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

Canoeing Waller Mill Pond

Took a short spin on the local reservoir to try out our new (to us) canoe. Waller Mill is an old favorite … we’ll go back with upgraded paddles when the leaves change color.

Bethel Beach to Winterhaven Harbor, VA

We went from Bethel Beach in sight of Wolftrap Lighthouse down to Winter Harbor Haven, then through the marshes a bit before returning on the bay. Just enough wave action to have fun riding a few, without wearing ourselves out. About 10 or 11 miles.

Circumnavigating Jamestown Island, VA

Sunshine and a nice breeze felt so good today on the James near Jamestown, VA. We circumnavigated the Island,  which is about 9 miles.  Two of our paddlers practiced self rescue and rolling techniques when we stopped for a lunch and stretch break at Black Point. The eagles were very active today.

Paddling Wormeley Creek, VA

Pretty creek off of the York River near Yorktown has the added attraction of the Coast Guard Training school. Beware the jelly fish! Low tide can make navigating the shoal at the entrance to the York difficult. The channel is deceptive, but marked – power boats must zig zag to the edge of the creek, while paddlers can head straight up the middle. The north end of the creek has several Osprey nests.

Mattaponi River Near Walkerton, VA

We put in at the Walkerton public boat ramp for a downriver out and back. As a protected waterway in the Mattaponi Indian preservation area, this river is very pretty and clean.

SUP on Harrison Lake, VA

Small, but pleasant lake to explore because it has a cypress swamp at one end. Use care if on standup paddle boards, because there are many obstacles just below the surface in the cypress end of the lake.

SUP at Jamestown, VA

Enjoyed the sunset with our paddleboards.

SUP on Wormeley Creek, VA

Got out on Wormeley Creek at 7:00 am to beat the heat and see some wildlife. Hadn’t bet on seeing so many jellyfish! About one every 15 feet. So, this trip on paddle boards is not for beginners, if you’re still in the falling-off-your-board stage. Tide was low, so we had to walk our boards thru the section near the York River. Enjoyed the boats at the marina, the houses, herons, egrets, and jumping fish. 2 options for putting in: the muddy spot next to cement ramp or the nice floating dock. Porta John in the parking circle.