Williamsburg Jamestown Airport

I’ve seen small aircraft taking off and landing when I paddle my kayak on College Creek, but I’d never had occasion to visit the local airport until last week. Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport has served the aviation community for 45 years and hosted a fun event last week.

I enjoyed seeing the toy planes built by Buz Rich and had a lot of fun climbing into his hand-built Esqual.

I’m impressed with the work of the Williamsburg Aviation Scholarship Program, which provides education, experience, and inspiration to high school students pursuing aviation careers. Their goal is to give young adults a pathway to a career in aviation. They’re funded by donations, so check out their site if you’d like to support them or if you have a young person interested in earning a pilot’s license.

Thanks for a fun evening, Buz, Charley, and the Waltrip family!

Creative Cuisines Catering

This may seem like a shameless promotion for my web development company, but I can’t help writing about the wonderful food that Chef Steve Munday of Creative Cuisines prepared for my last business meeting with him. I haven’t tried all of the caterers in Williamsburg, but he is surely one of the finest, if not the best. My company, Brown Mouse Productions, produced Creative Cuisine’s web site and our last meeting took place at dinner time. He graciously made not just one, but four dishes for me to try:

  • Pan-seared Scottish Salmon
  • Salad of Roasted Corn, Avocado, and Tomato
  • Farro with Grilled Asparagus, Red Onion, Mushrooms, and Kalamata Olives
  • Spaghetti Squash with Vidalia Onions, Roasted Peppers, and Asagio Cheese

Creative Cuisines dinner, Williamsburg, VA

The combination of ingredients was creative, just like the name says. But the real test of a good chef is the way the flavors blend and accentuate each other. I loved every bite.  Hire Chef Steve for your next event–he’ll work with you to develop the perfect menu for you and your guests and will present the food in a way you’ll never forget.

Williamsburg’s Best Car Washes


I’m glad to hear that Mega Auto Spa is so successful, the owners are opening another one in Newport News on Route 17. Estimated opening date is September 2014. Soon, they’ll have me covered whether I’m at work in Newport News, or at home in Williamsburg.

If you’re a frequent customer, you might want to take advantage of their “Buy 4 washes, get 1 free” deal. I reloaded my card this visit. The washes vary in price, so Alan told me as long as you put $80 worth of washes on your card, you’ll get a free one.

They also have a Monthly Wash Club that gives you daily washes for one low monthly price:

Monthly Wash Club, Mega Auto Wash, Williamsburg, VA








From Dec. 2012:

My timing is predictable when it comes to getting my car washed—always before it rains, and now, before a nor’easter named Sandy.  On Friday I was on the Route 5 side of town with 45 minutes between appointments, so I pulled into the new Mega Auto Spa. I enjoyed the excellent service and the chance to stay in the car as it goes through the wash (watching the suds and brushes is still a cheap thrill to me!)

Detailing bay at Mega Auto Spa, Williamsburg, VA

You can choose your own options at the automated drive-through payment teller, but the helpful attendant did it for me. Then he guided me to the  wash tunnel entrance, unscrewed my car’s attenna and instructed me to put the gear in neutral, keep my foot off the breaks, and hands off the steering wheel. After the suds, rinse, wax and dry in the tunnel, I pulled inside the clean and spacious detailing bay. The waiting room was very comfortable and I enjoyed chatting with a new friend from the college while we watched our cars get detailed. $24 and 30 minutes well spent!

Waiting room at Mega Auto Spa, Williamsburg, VA

If the Mega Auto Wash and Spa isn’t convenient, then my old favorite is the Buggy Bathe on Richmond Road. We’ve got two great options for sparkling vehicles as we cruise the streets of Williamsburg.

Gorgeous Flowers and Plants at Cooke’s Gardens

My yard looks so much better after a trip to Cooke’s Gardens on Saturday (and a lot of troweling, planting, and watering on Sunday). Whatever you need to make your outdoor living space more appealing, they’ve got it: flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, fountains, spas, Weber grills, furniture, hardscape materials, mulch, and landscape designers to help you with a plan. The staff at Cooke’s is very friendly and knowledgeable, which means that I learn something every time I go. I’ve gotten my gardening supplies there for years, but in the interest of full disclosure, my company made them a new web site this year – thus, this is not a totally unbiased recommendation, but I think you’ll agree with me once you pay them a visit


New Williamsburg Wedding Guide

I was thrilled this week to get my advance copy of The Williamsburg Wedding Guide, published by Three Dog Ink. I had the privilege of writing three articles for the publication last fall. This beautiful and useful magazine will be at news stands, bookstores, coffee houses, salons, and upscale clothing stores very soon. Be sure to pick up your free copy for the best advice on venues, photographers, caterers, planners, salons, fashion, and more. There’s even an article on the first colonial wedding (hint: it was not Pocahontas and John Rolfe!)

Cover of Williamsburg Wedding Guide

De-stress at Two Williamsburg Salons

I love Christmas, but I confess I get a bit overwrought trying to take advantage of all the activities this time of year. So, last Saturday I splurged on a wonderful stress reliever at European Beauty Concepts in the Williamsburg Shopping Center. I booked a facial with my favorite aesthetician Kayci. [Read more…]