Lawrence Lewis, Jr. Park to Gunn’s Creek

Four cold-water paddlers enjoyed a bit of chop on the James River before turning left up Gunn’s Creek as far as we could go. Water and air temps both in the 50s, so we were dressed for the dunk. A very pleasant paddle. The kayak put-in is a sandy area next to the public cement boat ramp. We stopped for lunch near the end of the creek.

Same Native, New Name

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but with good reason. I got married to Michael Allen on November 10, 2018. So, Williamsburg Native is now Laurie Allen.

Though not a native of Williamsburg, Michael’s lived here for about 30 years. We love this city and its people. We feel blessed to keep on enjoying all the area offers together.


My name is Laurie Brown Allen. Williamsburg Native is dedicated to all of the things that make me love my hometown.  I was just plain lucky to be born in a place that draws people from all over the world. People come to learn about America’s colonial history, study at the college, play at world-class theme parks, or reside in one of the city’s many fine retirement communities. It’s a small town with a cosmopolitan feel and more cultural and recreational activities than most working people can find time to take part in.It was at a summer job at the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center that I began to understand how beloved this town is by so many. I lost count of the people who had traveled the world and told me “we want to retire here some day.”  What I took for granted, many coveted. So, after graduation from William and Mary, I was thrilled to accept a job in Colonial Williamsburg’s curatorial department, where I could use my Fine Arts degree and continue to live in this beautiful place.

After a major career change and a couple of jobs later, I still live and work in Williamsburg. Sometimes I wonder why people find so many things to complain about in one of the local newspapers. Even worse, they gripe anonymously, with no recourse for the target of their grievances. That’s why I decided to start this blog. It’s a gift I can give back to the community I love. You won’t find complaints here, only suggestions for finding the best Williamsburg has to offer to visitors and residents alike.