Kayaking Morris Creek, Charles City, VA

Temperatures in the 70s, mostly sunny skies, and a slight breeze made it a joy to paddle this pristine creek in a Wildlife Management Area. I was glad to get to know two “Facebook-friends-I’d-not-yet-met,” who were camping at Chickahominy Riverfront Park for the weekend. They were game to go all the way up the creek to the only takeout so I could have a stretch break, which made for a 14-mile round trip. The upper creek is the prettiest part, so they were happy to go the extra miles.

For a shorter trip, consider putting in at 12300 Wilcox Neck Road, Charles City, VA, where there are three parking spots, plus one handicapped spot. It’s a short portage to the top of the creek and about 4 or 5 miles to the Morris Creek Public Boat ramp.

Not too many birds this time: no eagles, but a few heron and egrets, red-winged blackbirds, swallows, and a pair of kingfishers were active. We suspect the large fish in the underwater vegetation that bumped under our kayaks were gar, but didn’t actually see them for identification. The red flowers in bloom are Cardinal Flowers.