Morris Creek, Charles City, VA

We camped Saturday night at Morris Creek Landing so we could be on the water for sunrise Sunday morning. The thunderstorm that was supposed to roll through for an hour Saturday night lasted several scary, tent-quivering hours. Morning brought cloudy skies and drizzle, so the event didn’t go as planned, but was nonetheless a beautiful couple of days spent paddling on a pristine creek.

We were on our paddleboards Saturday afternoon and our sea kayaks most of the day Sunday. The creek is a nice combination of wide and narrow passages, protected Wildlife Management Area on one side, a few houses on the other. Wildlife sightings included eagles, herons, ducks, cormorants, a turtle, a water snake, and evidence of beavers, but no actual sightings.

We enjoyed talking to one of the residents and his dog on his dock, who shared several recollections of reckless powerboat operators and disrespectful hunters, so do keep alert. Stay off the creek during hunting season (a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving through January) – best not to be mistaken for a large duck on the water.