Wormley Creek

We put in at Wormley Creek boat landing, Yorktown, VA at about 11:00 today and enjoyed 4 hours of exploring on both of the main branches and a number of side coves. The only place I’ve seen more egrets is on the Poquoson River. They and the herons were plentiful today, letting us get fairly close for photos.

This is an interesting place to explore for several reasons: a variety of homes, from small and older to large and new. The Coast Guard Training Center is there, as is a marina and the old Amoco refinery. If you feel like venturing out into the York River, that’s an option – we only played a little in the surf coming into the creek today, preferring the serenity of the coves.

My paddling friend is an experienced sailor and pointed out to me the odd characteristics of the channels there. Because of the way the Chesapeake Bay tides push the currents and sand into these creeks, the deepest parts are near the land and the shallowest parts are in the middle. Larger boats must follow a zigzag pattern to navigate it and no wake is allowed. This made for relaxed paddling conditions with no interference from jet ski or power boat wakes.