Whilcox Wharf to Westover Church

Varying wind, tide, and currents made this stretch of the James River and Herring Creek interesting, as did the eagles, osprey, cormorants, geese, turtles, and a muskrat. Our goal was to get close to Westover Church and we could see it from the bank of Herring Creek, but chose not to trespass on the private dock that may lead up to the rectory. There was a takeout spot in a clearing nearby, where we enjoyed a lunch break before the return trip. The other manmade highlight was Evelynton Plantation.

The creek foliage was lush and green, with lots of blooming marsh flowers. We very much enjoyed taking our time, exploring side alleys and watching the eagles. There were several mature eagles criss-crossing the creek, as well as an adolescent and a younger one venturing from tree to tree.

We didn’t know if we had the creek mostly to ourselves because it’s lesser known than the popular Queens Creek to the left of the wharf, or due to social isolation during Covid-19, but it was a very enjoyable, tranquil trip on a Sunday afternoon.