Quick Trip on the Pagan River

Inspired by photos of friends in a local kayak enthusiasts’ group, I enjoyed my first exploration of the Pagan River near Smithfield, VA with two friends. It was one paddler’s first voyage of the season, so we kept it to about 5 miles this day.

I haven’t been a fan of roller kayak ramps because they can scratch fiberglass boats, but this park’s ramp was excellent! Instead of the common use of PVC pipe for the rollers, which can develop spurs over time, this ramp was a deluxe model with conical rubber rollers. We eased right into and out of the water.

This area is a pretty combination of old and new Tidewater houses, a lighthouse, pretty pleasure craft, and nature. Definitely worth a return trip.

One photo shows a goose sleeping on her nest in the marsh grass – first time I’d seen one “at home.”