First Trip to Deep Bottom Park, Henrico County, VA

I had long admired the photos shared by one of my Richmond paddling friends and am grateful that she didn’t mind visiting this location again. She enjoyed testing her handmade wooden boat on its second voyage. I benefited from her experience reading wind and current conditions on this varied journey. We paddled the gentle James River in the oxbow, enjoyed flat water and peaceful sounds of the birds in the tidal pool, and got a bit of a rush as waves (mostly power boat wakes) broke over our bows in the straight channel. It was fun to navigate a few ripples where the manmade channel joined the natural flow of the river.

This was during the Covid-19 social distancing period, so it was very quiet – almost surreal in the tidal pool. Normally, I’m told, this area is in the Richmond airport’s flight path, so it might feel very different on our next trip.