First Paddleboard Outing of 2020

Couldn’t resist this unseasonably warm day to get out on Powhatan Creek, putting in at the James City County marina. Water temps were still cold, of course, so my 3mm wetsuit was in order. I’m a big proponent of water safety and preach the necessity of a PFD (personal flotation device) worn at all times on the water … so imagine my chagrin when I got to the dock without mine. After some minutes of debate, I ventured out, realizing that I would be tethered to my board in calm water on a creek within sight of houses along the 1-mile stretch of my planned route. Lesson learned … keep a written check list and refer to it before leaving the house.

Saw heron and eagles, but the eagle enjoying his fish in a pine tree was not lined up right for my camera – especially wobbling on a paddleboard – but that’s a good memory from this short trip. The wind picked up on the open section of the creek, so I had to make myself as small and paddle low to get back to the marina.