Mucky Ramp at Ancarrow’s Landing, Richmond, VA

Already in Richmond for a family birthday party, we thought we’d put in nearby for a couple of hours of touring on a sunny day. We don’t recommend this location because

  1. The boat ramp was very muddy even at high tide – not sure a power boat trailer could avoid getting stuck. I think it would be almost impossible to manage at low tide with a kayak.
  2. The area around Rockett’s Landing is better enjoyed from the bike path. From the water the feeling is very industrial, with warnings not to dredge or anchor due to the underwater petroleum pipelines. The only wildlife we saw were speed boaters showing no concern for the effect of their wake on paddlers and a few hawks circling overhead. It was a chance to paddle in the sunshine, but one of several locations above the James River falls would probably have been much more enjoyable.