Williamsburg Jamestown Airport

I’ve seen small aircraft taking off and landing when I paddle my kayak on College Creek, but I’d never had occasion to visit the local airport until last week. Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport has served the aviation community for 45 years and hosted a fun event last week.

I enjoyed seeing the toy planes built by Buz Rich and had a lot of fun climbing into his hand-built Esqual.

I’m impressed with the work of the Williamsburg Aviation Scholarship Program, which provides education, experience, and inspiration to high school students pursuing aviation careers. Their goal is to give young adults a pathway to a career in aviation. They’re funded by donations, so check out their site if you’d like to support them or if you have a young person interested in earning a pilot’s license.

Thanks for a fun evening, Buz, Charley, and the Waltrip family!