New Tervis Store at Merchants Square

Tervis store, Williamsburg, VA

On Saturday morning I found myself short on time and empty-handed for an informal wedding I was attending that afternoon. Yikes! What to do, what to do …

Thankfully, the new Tervis Store at the corner of Boundary and Prince George Streets was open before their posted opening time of 10:00 a.m. Debbie and Karen were on duty and warmly welcomed me. They had several suggestions for a gift and I chose a set of Wavy Tumblers with lids. I figured any couple could enjoy using them for hot or cold beverages. Plus, they don’t sweat, so you don’t need coasters, and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

I was on my way with gift in hand in less than 20 minutes. Thanks for your help, Karen and Debbie!

Tervis store, Williamsburg, VA

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