Blackbird Bakery, Merchant Square, Williamsburg, VA

The addition of a bakery in the arcade at Merchant Square helps soften the blow of recent business changes downtown1. Blackbird Bakery sells breads, pastries, cookies, and sweets made in Chef Everett’s restaurants: Blue Talon Bistro, The Trellis, and DoG Street Pub. My sister and I enjoyed a couple of their dark chocolate turtles with gooey caramel and sea salt. Check out the menu.

Blackbird Bakery, Merchant Square, Williamsburg, VA

1The closure of the Toymaker of Williamsburg marked the end of an era for Williamsburg Native. They have an online store, but Merchants Square will never be the same without them. Farther down the street, the misguided modernization of the Raleigh Bakery in Colonial Williamsburg also doused memories of “homemade” gingerbread cookies laid out in baskets, accompanied by quality apple cider. Sadly, visitors are now greeted with bland cookies wrapped in cellophane and modern refrigerated cases filled with bottled soda.

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