The Psychological Chicanery of Eric Dobell

Williamsburg Native readers are well aware of the excellent resources at our award-winning Williamsburg Regional Library, so the wonderful musical and theatrical programs offered there are no surprise. However, an unusual program at 7:00 p.m. on April 4, 2013 may raise an eyebrow, and is certain to produce some good laughs. And it’s free, thanks to the Library’s sponsorship.

As his web site explains:

Erik Dobell can read minds… really.

This is because Erik Dobell is a Mentalist. A Mentalist is someone who uses psychology and chicanery to create the illusions of psychic powers. Body language, sleight of hand, suggestion and good ole’ fashion lies are Erik’s tools of the trade. With a mastery of these techniques Erik can perform such feats as:

  • Read the inner thoughts of your audience.
  • Cause solid objects to bend and move in the hands of complete strangers
  • Perform impossible predictions with your president, CEO or other guests of honor.

Erik Dobell isn’t psychic, but it’ll seem that way.

Erik Dobell, Mentalist

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