Best Bets for Dining Out on Thanksgiving

Tired of cooking and cleaning this year? Williamsburg has oodles of options for feasting with the family on Thanksgiving. Many of my Top 10 Restaurants are open on Thanksgiving, so give them a call. If you can’t get reservations, there are a couple of large venues offering Thanksgiving buffets that are worth a try.

In years past, the Williamsburg Hospitality House has done a wonderful job with their holiday buffets in a pleasant hotel-conference-room setting. It’s not the same as a view of Duke of Gloucester Street from one of the taverns, but it’s elegant enough. Besides, if you eat there, you’re close enough to go for a walk afterwards on the college campus or in the historic area to work off some of the feast. Their spread this year costs $32.95 for adults and $13.95 for kids 6-12 (5 and under eat free). Call (757) 229-4020 for reservations.

A venue I’ve not tried, but I bet offers excellent food is the Williamsburg Hellenic Center at 4900 Mooretown Road. Since many of our local restaurants are owned and managed by the Greek-American community, you can bet they’ll offer some fabulous food for Thanksgiving. Their buffet costs $24.95 for adults and $14.95 for kids 12 and under. Call (757) 220-4284 for reservations.

Many thanks to Jimmy’s Oven & Grill at 7201 Richmond Road in Norge for offering a free Thanksgiving feast to anyone in need. Call Mo at (757) 565-1465 to reserve your spot.

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