Free “Beat the Bully” Workshops for Families

Williamsburg Native was contacted by Master Joseph Ash of BAEPLEX Family Martial Arts Center with news of his free workshops for families. Teaching kids how to be more confident and to know how to respond to predatory behavior is a valuable community service. Attending a workshop also sounds like a great way to learn more about martial arts and to see if it’s right for your children.


From Master Ash’s press release:


BAEPLEX Family Martial Arts Center invites parents to bring their children to the school’s FREE Beat-the-Bully Workshops, August 5, 12, & 19 from 5 – 5:45pm at both locations 3435A John Tyler Hwy and 7500A Richmond Rd.


According to many government and institutional studies, thousands of children stay home from school everyday because of their fear of bullies. This is an opportune time for children and parents to arm themselves with current mental and physical skills to avoid Bullies this coming school year.


BAEPLEX emphasizes that the purpose of martial arts is not to teach children how to fight, but, in fact, quite the opposite. It’s learning the skills to project an attitude of self-confidence that deter bullies before they even challenge children, to become more aware of one’s surroundings and to report such incidents to the appropriate adults.


“This is definitely one of those issues where knowledge is power and now is the time. As we approach another school year, I would like to open my schools to all area families so we can share our knowledge and skills about making our community a much safer place for children to play, go to school and walk the streets,” says Master Ash.


“Our Beat-the-Bully Workshops will also include other personal-safety skills, such as abductor and Internet predator awareness, self-defense and developing the self-confidence to put these skills into action.”


Please contact BAEPLEX for more information about attending these FREE Workshops;

(757) 229 – 2237 or (757) 645 – 4030.



Master Joseph B. Ash

Baeplex Family Martial Arts

(757) 229-2237

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