Coyote Run Rocked Kimball Theatre

Craig Olson, Catherine Hauke, Thomas Arnold, David  Doersch, Chelle Fulk and Michael Kazalski are Coyote Run. Photo by Kelly J. Mihalcoe, Photographer, LLC.

Craig Olson, Catherine Hauke, Thomas Arnold, David Doersch, Chelle Fulk and Michael Kazalski are Coyote Run. Photo by Kelly J. Mihalcoe, Photographer, LLC.
















Coyote Run returned for another electrifying round of Celtic rock in the elegant Kimball Theatre on Merchants Square in Williamsburg, VA on Friday, July 15, 2011. They released their new CD, 10 ½ at the concert. An enthusiastic crowd welcomed their new tracks and sang along to old favorites like Oak and Ash and Thorn.

Their unique sound is tribal and rhythmic, yet their imaginative arrangements and tight harmonies seem to unfold organically. With several multi-instrumentalist band members, they blended diverse sounds  into a fresh, hard-driving, Celtic spirit. Last summer’s show proved their power and versatility. This show revealed a more focused style, coupled with showmanship that was at times majestically dramatic, then effervescent and playful. Guest performers Elizabeth and Miranda Wiley’s efforts contributed to this wide range of emotions. Elizabeth’s dramatic styling of the story of a condemned “witch” was a riveting moment. Later, Miranda’s graceful and free-sprited Papillon dance lifted the audience’s hearts into the realm of butterflies and carefree Spring days.

Front man David Doersch was impressive as always with his rich vocals and electronic bagpipes. Chelle Fulk’s expressive violin more than held its own against Michael Kazalski’s agressive bass lines and Craig Olson’s spirited guitar. Cathy Hauke’s perpetual percussion engine kept the music machine running in top form.

This warm group of musical friends was generous and wise to share their stage with a variety of crowd-pleasing guests performers, including an Irish dancer, a trio of swing dancers, a men’s octet for backup, and even a small contingency of Colonial Williamsburg’s Fife & Drum corp!

As diverse as the individual numbers were, they were unified by the band’s signature style. They’ve found their niche in honoring Celtic traditions and integrating the rhythms and sounds of other ancient cultures. They’re inspired by these ancient forms without being imprisoned by them,  infusing age-old truths with relevance for today’s thoughtful audiences.

The Coyotes’ travel schedule is taking them around the country before they head to Wales, but you can look forward to another Williamsburg visit on Thanksgiving Weekend.



  1. Wait until you see and hear this group! Great group, interesting, talented, and a band to remember! I had the honor of photographing this group last week… think you will be more than entertained!

  2. I agree with the articles review, well said, with one exception. The new songs fell short of what I expect from the band. It was great to see Cathy in the spotlight a little more, and Chelle Fulk was nothing less than sensational on the violin. David put together a fine performance by all. A show I’m glad to have seen, but musically, not songs I care to hear repeated.

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