Make your own holiday wreath

After you attend the Williamsburg Christmas Parade and buy your handmade girl scout ornaments Saturday morning, head over to New Quarter Park from Noon to 2 p.m. for a special program where you’ll learn to make your own decorations from pine, boxwood, apples, and other live material. The owners of Morrison’s Flowers and Gifts will talk about using natural plant materials while demonstrating the construction of a decoration or two. Then, you can make your own decoration from plant materials clipped from the forest (Sara Lewis, park employee and botanical expert will be there and you have her permission to snip.) Sara says to bring a basket or container if you want to make a centerpiece for your holiday table. Some florist foam will be available for sale, but you’re also welcome to bring your own. Take pruning shears and gloves to make working with plant material easier. My favorite “how to” book for Colonial Williamsburg-style decorations is available at Amazon. By the way, Morrison’s does beautiful floral arrangements. A friend sent me an autumn arrangement on Nov. 15 and it still looked good at Thanksgiving!

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