1960 March of Dimes Queen Invited to Williamsburg Inn for Dinner

My friend Joan Meadows Forrest, another native, was recently cleaning out a closet when she found some photos documenting her reign as 1960 Queen of the March of Dimes. With the photos was a delightful letter from Thomas Moyles, manager of the Williamsburg Inn, inviting Joan and her escort to dinner (see letter below). Quite an honor for a high school senior in those days!

1960 Queen of the March of Dimes and her King Leon Hughes, Williamsburg, Virginia
Joan Meadows (Forrest) and Leon Hughes, Queen and King of the March of Dimes, 1960.

I knew Tommy Moyles and his wife Trudy when I worked at Colonial Williamsburg in the 1980s. How typically gracious of Tommy to  extend a dinner invitation to this high school senior who had worked so hard to raise money for a charity.  She was delighted to be addressed as “Your Royal Highness.” Joan recalls that one dollar equaled one vote. I can imagine her now, canvassing door to door, leaving no stone unturned for the benefit of the March of Dimes children.

Joan tells me she never did get around to accepting that dinner invitation because she was so busy getting ready to head off to college. Tommy is no longer with us (may he rest in peace) but I wonder if the offer is still good? Given Colonial Williamsburg’s famous hospitality, I’m encouraging Joan to give them a call! I’m betting that there is no statute of limitations on rewards for charitable deeds. After all, what’s a mere 50 years to a history museum?

Letter to Her Majesty, Queen of the March of Dimes


  1. What a delightful story………I do hope that Joan will take them up on the offer!

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