Jumpstart Your Holiday Joy at Cooke’s Christmas

I’m hard to please when it comes to decorating for the holidays. It’s a timing thing for me. I groan
a little when I see Christmas displays up before Halloween, but around the middle of November I
start longing for spruce, pine, and white lights. I start checking the TV listings for sappy holiday
movies. My husband rolls his eyes, but has learned to tolerate my addiction to any movie or song
with a Christmas theme, from traditional hymns to the sugariest pop song of any era. I just can’t
resist them, even if they’re badly written, acted, or sung. If It’s a Wonderful Life is on the
TVs in a department store, that’s where you’ll find me, as if caught in a gravitational force field.

If my confession makes you long to set up nativity scenes and make hot cocoa, or maybe even if you’re feeling a little “humbug” this year, I have a good
suggestion to spark your holiday joy. Check out Cooke’s Christmas at 1826 Jamestown Road. They’re open
Monday – Saturday 10 – 6, Sunday 12-5. They’re having an open house event Nov. 19-21 with a sale of up to 70% off.

I’ve been a fan of Cooke’s Garden Center for years, but had not taken time to visit Cooke’s
Christmas until recently. I was swept into another world. Their display of trees and decorations is
the best in town. I felt like I was in a Christmas forrest. I left in the mood to start decorating,
but made myself hold off until I could make a list of things I want to buy there. See you at the open house!

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