Kayaking on Queen’s Creek

Even though Williamsburg has several places to go canoeing and kayaking, I’d never gotten around to trying kayaking until Saturday. The announcement in the local paper was too good to pass up. I could pay $25 to rent a Kayak from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and get a free membership to the foundation. Plus, I’d be in a group led by New Quarter Park tour guide Sara Lewis for a 2.5 hour paddle on Queens Creek. I figured that with a group, there would at least be witnesses to tell my next of kin if I capsized and floated out to sea. So, I called my adventurous friend Rhonda and off we went. I think I deserve extra credit for managing to video and learn how to paddle at the same time!

Map showing New Quarter Park on Queens Creek, Williamsburg, VA

New Quarter Park is on Queens Creek, off of the York River, near Williamsburg, VA


  1. After reading this I find that you may have an answer to what I have been searching for. I am a novice kayaker who wishes to paddle with others. I do not own a kayak (wish..), but have enjoyed the times I have had paddlin’.
    Anybody know of a group of other interested individuals?

  2. I’d love to go again. Let’s get something started! A friend told me that she likes the kayaks better at Waller Mill Park, because they require less effort. Maybe we should organize a group there one Saturday morning.

  3. Here’s the fee schedule for Waller Mill Park:

    It costs $2 per vehicle to park, plus $5/hr to rent a kayak. They do kayaking classes, but it costs $65 each, with a minimum of 5 students. That’s kind of steep for me. I bet I could get my friends Bunkie and Nancy, experienced kayakers, to come and give us some pointers.

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