New Quarter Park, Williamsburg, VA

Williamsburg’s edible plants were the focus of a “Walk and Talk” by Vickie Shufer on Saturday morning at New Quarter Park. Experts lead a group of outdoor enthusiasts on a tour of the park on the first Saturday each month, covering a variety of topics. This is the only one I’ve experienced where we got to eat the nature that we were observing! I brought home three small Paw Paws to share with my husband. They’re “custard apples” found in late August or early September. You’ll only find them in areas where no pesticide spraying is done, because they’re pollinated by flies and other insects. Learn more about Paw Paws and other wild edible plants in this short video. There’s lots more to do at beautiful New Quarter Park, so be sure to visit their web site, too.


  1. Great video, Laurie! What a great day for a walk and I enjoy Vickie’s talks. I wrote about about a few of the other edible things that we found on my blog. See

  2. Thanks, Sara! Love your blog. Readers, to learn more about the edibles we discovered at New Quarter Park, check out Sara’s link, but without the final period in the comment above. Use this link:

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