Top 10 Lunch Spots in Williamsburg, VA

These top 10 lunch restaurants are all locally owned in Williamsburg, VA. They’re listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Berret’s Seafood Restaurant and Taphouse Grill—Delicious seafood and salads, plus selections of beef, poultry, and pork. The menu varies, but I’ve always been pleased with the seafood. It’s a cozy interior that’s especially nice on a cold winter’s day with the fireplace glowing. The outdoor taphouse is open spring, summer, and early autumn. On Merchants Square at the corner of Francis and Boundary Streets.


  1. The Cheese Shop—it’s a Williamsburg tradition. They really are the best sandwiches in town, due not only to the highest quality meats and cheeses, but also to the house dressing and freshly baked bread. Some folks get a bag of bread ends and extra house dressing for dipping. Limited barstool seating inside; take your picnic outside to the umbrella tables or find a bench on Merchant Square. It’s a popular place, so consider calling ahead and picking up your order at the window outside: 757-220-0298. On Merchants Square.

  1. Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant—the locals’ favorite for Northern Italian cuisine. I love the risottos dishes. They also have good “white” pizzas with fresh ingredients. I can’t get used to pizza without tomato sauce, but plenty of my friends love it, so we go frequently. On Olde Towne Road behind Prime Outlets.


  1. Ichiban—an extensive menu of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food, including sushi and sashimi. I enjoy the pad thai, drunken noodles, and “Diet Special,” which lets you choose four veggies with white rice and your choice of several delicious sauces. Good miso soup and edamame. Beautiful, quiet decor. In New Town, next to the movie theater.


  1. La Tolteca—At first glance of the menu, you may think it’s the typical Mexican quick stop. True, the menu has 20 standard beef, chicken, and pork items, but they also have 14 vegetarian options. What sets this restaurant apart, though, is the variety and quality of its buffet items. The food is freshly made and more varied than one might expect. On my last visit I enjoyed black bean fajitas with spinach, tomatoes, and onions on the side. The potatoes, tomatoes and onions dish was also tasty. They really surprised me with yummy cauliflower on the buffet! The freshly made pico de gallo was a bit too caliente for my taste, but my companion found it the perfect compliment to her mole poblano. Side salads with quacamole and watermelon for dessert made it a real bargain for $7.50. West of Williamsurg on Richmond Road near Patriot Plaza Shopping Center.


  1. Le Yaca—This elegant French restaurant has a new location: 1430 High St. – Spring 2014. Save it for a day when you can dress up a bit and enjoy the expert service, linen tablecloths, and fabulous food. I love this restaurant so much, I wrote a review on this site.


  1. New York Deli & Pizza—Convenient if you’re shopping west of town in Lightfoot and are hungry for a “real” New York-style sub or sandwich. I may be a Williamsburg native, but my dad was a New Yorker and let’s admit it—they sure do know how to do “deli.” Besides, it’s locally owned. No national chains on this list—you can visit those at home. They also have a good Greek salad. In the Williamsburg Pavillion Shops Shopping Center near the Williamsburg Pottery Factory.


  1. Opus 9 Steakhouse—this very chic restaurant is pricey, but the “10 for Under $10” special that they’ve offered during the down economy makes it doable for lunch. Best known as a steakhouse, they also have seafood choices and are one place I can rely on for fresh, imaginative salads. I often order the grilled tuna sandwich or the salad nicoise. In New Town, near intersection of Monticello Ave. and Ironbound Rd.


  1. Sal’s by Victor—a long-time Williamsburg favorite for Italian subs, stromboli, calzone, pizza, and pasta. A steady flow of customers picking up pizza to go is proof of the quality ingredients. It’s the only place I know where I can get pizza by the slice with ingredients I choose. I love the spinach and mushroom pizza, fettucine primavera in a light cream sauce, and scallops marinara. In Williamsburg Shopping Center on the Richmond Road side.


  1. Second Street Bistro—best know for their burgers, the Chohany brothers also serve up a nice selection of salads and seafood in this “upscale restaurant with a casual vibe.” They also have a gluten-free menu.


Top 10 lunch spots in Williamsburg, VA


  1. Martha Katz-Hyman says

    I’d add Second Street, especially when they have their $10 lunch specials. The redecorated restaurant and new menu have something for everyone, and you can sample the cookies on the way out!

  2. I’m very sad to report that Chez Trinh has closed. This economy has been horrible for small businesses.

    On the recommendation of several friends, I will check out Second Street restaurant, where I haven’t eaten since I quit working at Colonial Williamsburg years ago. If they pass the Native’s muster, I will add them to this list.


  3. I applaud your recommendations here. I would also recommend the Wine & Cheese Shop in the village shops at Kingsmill – the same location as Le Yaca (which I also love).

    The Wine & Cheese shop is a great casual place to have a sandwich and chat with a friend, or grab a bite on your own. Great homemade sandwiches, and a nice selection of wine, cheese, and gift items. It’s like the Cheese Shop but without the crazy crowds.

    Thanks for putting this web site together!

  4. Seth,

    That’s a good tip. I had a super fresh tunafish sandwich there recently. It would be fun to pop in there after a Busch Gardens outing, very casual.

    Glad you find the site helpful.


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